Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another day, another stack of cash spent

Here's my latest purchase in preparation for work:

Since I'll be spending at least an hour a day in the car, no matter what job I get, I wanted a car I actually fit in. And Sara wanted dual air bags. Like I'm not enough of a gasbag for her!

The thing that makes it Australian is this:

That's an LPG cylinder. Liquid Propane Gas stores less energy than petrol (as it is so quaintly called here), so you get about 80% of the work out of a liter. But a liter of LPG costs half as a much as a liter of petrol. So I expect to save $1,000 a year just on fuel costs.

All for the trivial inconvenience of having a huge bottle of explosive gas in my boot.


  1. Haha! Having a camera in my phone is fun!

  2. Did you know that the intermittent windscreen wipers have variable intermittency? I just discovered it yesterday morning!