Sunday, January 2, 2011

The life-cycle of a political activist

I don't really want to do partisan politics on this blog, but this item falls under the heading Philosophy. Or irony, which is often much the same.

A woman who feels that government is too intrusive and politicians are meddlesome busybodies (or just plain evil) decides to become an activist to save America. She joins the Tea Party. She quits her job at a florist to be a full-time volunteer. She has considerable success due to her hard work, skill, and unwavering faith in the righteousness of her cause. And finally, this lovely caterpillar earns her wings.

That's right, she gets a new job... working for a politician.

Tea Party activist

I'm not objecting to how this story unfolds. After all, I think government should be comprised of intelligent, hard-working people who believe they can and should make a difference.

I'm just amused by the lack of recognition of fundamental hypocrisy. Wait, no, amused is not really the right word...

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