Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another American

I met another American today. We needed new keys cut for the Toyota, but the locksmith couldn't come to us. We had to go to his house because the software he had to use only ran on an XP computer, and he only had Windows 7 in his van.

Yes, that's right, his van was not compatible with Windows XP. I could almost give Microsoft a pass on this (who expects automobiles to be a standard peripheral?), but I won't, because I hate them that much.

Anyway, she had finally gotten her work permit, and with a little embarrassment admitted she had started her career at the bottom, as a Department Store greeter... for $21 an hour.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a pay cut to write software that makes expensive equipment not blow up.

This whole egalitarian thing is a lot easier to swallow in theory than it is in fact. I mean, it's all well and good to say that all people are equal and work is work, but when you say I don't deserve a TV that's 3 times as large as everyone else's, then it gets personal.

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