Thursday, November 5, 2015

Review of GTiS

A great review from I particularly appreciate that they recognized the world is gritty, even while it's not dark. There are nice people in my world, even if they do suck your brains out after you die.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

My house is haunted?

Parnormal Investigation at a house in Ohio that has been rumored to be haunted for years, but is it?

No, you dolts. No, it is not haunted; that bad smell is probably just a sandwich I left behind while I was playing in the attic. I lived there in the 70's; I still remember mowing that vast and unending front lawn. I would cut designs into the grass and then go to the balcony window to admire them.

It's a very old house; it had a coal chute in the basement and the kitchen was tacked on years after the original construction. Inside it had cherry wood baseboards and door jambs that had, over the years, been covered in cheap paint.

My mom threw the greatest Halloween party ever there. Guests came in through the basement - there's a door cut into the hill that leads to the street - and walked through the entire dark, dingy Victorian era basement that we had decorated. I was playing a corpse in the coal chute; when a group came through I would suddenly leap up and wave a bloody knife. My sister's friend Carla screamed so loud I thought the windows would break.

We had peeled grapes and gloves with sticky fingers in the tight passageways, and everything else you could imagine. Mom was an artist, after all, and she went all out on this project. It was the best Halloween ever.

Thanks, mom. :)