Thursday, January 13, 2011

The event has finally occurred...

I met another American!

He was a young kid from SoCal working in a cell phone store. Didn't have a chance to talk long, but I had enough time to complain about how everything costs twice as much here.

He said, "Ya, but you get paid twice as much!"

I shook my head and said, "Not at the high end."

He was quite surprised, but then so was I.

We were in the cell phone store because we need phones now. We were also car shopping and looking for a place to rent in earnest. I finally got a job offer. The salary is not what I was hoping for, but it's enough to live off of, and I might be able to fix it later. It's in a small shop (by small I mean I am the 3rd guy!), so it's a chance to do really put my own stamp on the software, which is always more satisfying than writing one cog of a hundred-thousand part machine.

Anyway, I start in a week and a half, so we're rushing around trying to restart our interrupted lives. It turns out used cars are not actually that cheap. Dang it.

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