Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another great thing Obama did

GM CEO resigns at Obama's behest

Fancy that. A guy mismanages his company so bad it has to get bailed out, and because of that, he loses his job.

Sounds like good old fashioned personal responsibility at work.

I remember watching a Japanese CEO resign in disgrace (including tears of humiliation) because his company had accidentally mixed AIDS-contaminated blood with clean blood. I remember thinking at the time that we would never see an American CEO take that kind of responsibility.

And now we have, and it was done so quietly I missed it the first time around. Probably because Obama knew that the Foxheads would spin it as "government intrusion in private business," ignoring the fact that it was government money doing the bailing and thus government who was entitled to set the terms of restructuring.

Or maybe Obama's just so busy doing good things that little ones like this slip under the radar.


  1. please list 10 good things Mr Obama for the average tax payer.

  2. 1. ACA (American Care Act - in 20 years, after this has been expanded a dozen times to what Obama wanted in the first place, maybe you will get the same great quality health care for the same low price that I get here in Australia).

    2. Volcker rule (regulating the banks. It's no Glass-Steagall but it's more than was there)

    3. Forcing religious zealots to buy insurance that covers birth control for their secular business employees (or do you think women don't pay taxes?)

    4. Repeal of DADT (or do you think gay people don't pay taxes?)

    5. Withdrawing from Iraq

    6. The stimulus

    7. Saving the auto industry

    8. Consumer Protection agency

    9. Federalizing student loans (instead of subsidizing banks to do the same thing at greater cost)

    10. Help with underwater mortgages

    11. Oh yea - OSAMA BIN LADEN.

    That's just off the top of my head, and all things that Republicans have made clear they would not have done. In a previous post I linked to an article that specifically listed a number of his accomplishments.

    Obama will be remembered for ACA, DADT, and the stimulus/auto/bank bailouts. If he gets a second term, he might be remembered for climate change and green energy.

    Bush II will be remembered for starting two wars and expanding entitlements (Medicare Part D) off-budget, for "Mission Accomplished", and for being in charge when Reaganomics finally went into melt-down. Assuming conservatives remember him at all.

  3. Oh - I forgot:

    12. Not letting the Republicans lower taxes on the rich.

    13. Not letting Republicans raise taxes on the poor.

    14. The Social Security tax holiday (only meaningfully affects average tax payers).

    15. Not letting Republicans privatize SS or Medicare.

    16. Managing the country through a government shutdown and bond down-rating caused entirely by Republicans acting out and refusing to pass standard budget bills like all Congresses have always done for the last 50 years.

    Let me turn it around and ask:

    What did Bush do for the average tax payer?

    Or if you prefer, what will Romney do for the average tax payer?