Tuesday, March 6, 2012

As if I needed another reason

This is another reason I moved to Australia. I want my daughter to grow up in a civilized country, where her medical needs are considered important, and where her freedom to live an adult life does not require approval from old, white, religious bigots.

I would be livid with anger, but you know what? My daughter is safe. She can't be controlled by those sick bastards. She is out of reach of the American Taliban and its Christian Sharia law. No one in my society can go on the radio and call her a slut for not living up to their hypocritical Christian standards that they never even came close to. No on in my society can call her a slut for being in charge of her own life and making her own choices.

My daughter is safe. You idiots can ruin your country and turn it into Afghanistan with your Purity Police and your abortion clinic bombings and your school prayer and your anti-science agenda. Go ahead. I don't live there anymore.

And thank God for that.

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