Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's all Reagan's fault

Chris Mooney asserts that the Republican distrust of science started with Reagan.

Conservatives vs Science

More specifically, he demonstrates that there was only really a decline in public trust in science among conservatives in the period from 1974 to 2010 (and among those with high church attendance, but these two things are obviously tightly interrelated).

In the interests of balance, I of course would welcome a contrasting viewpoint about Liberalism.

But here's the thing. Everybody (even conservatives) agrees the last 30 years, things have gotten worse. But the last 30 years have had more conservative politics, not less. And despite all that conservating, social attitudes have continued to shift leftwards. Gay marriage is just one example of a social position that has shown dramatic change over the last ten years.

The current conservative response seems to be to assert the conservative policies we have adopted via Reagan and both Bushes were not conservative enough, and we need even more conservatism. But the amount of conservatism being proposed is far more than even Reagan dreamed of.

At some point you have to ask: if you are in a hole, and it keeps getting darker, are you sure you're digging in the right direction?

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