Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rush Limbaugh finally goes too far

Remember when I mentioned that Rush had endorsed a theocratic homicidal terrorist gang, solely because they had "Lord" in their name and Obama was against them?

That didn't really make much of a stir. When the facts came out, Rush shrugged and went on. His fans didn't care, his business partners didn't care, the Republican leadership didn't care. I mean, it was completely fabricated fantasy, but it was a knock on Obama. So, from their perspective, it was fine.

Now Rush has finally said something that is getting real push back. A female law student, Sandra Fluke, testified before Congress about birth control; her story was that she had a friend who needed it for medical reasons, couldn't afford it due to cheap-ass insurance not covering it, and consequently lost an ovary (which either the insurance company or the hospital had to pay for). The obvious lesson here is that preventative medicine is not only safer, but cheaper.

Rush's takeaway was to call Sandra a slut and demand pornographic videos of her.

I don't know how any self-respecting person can listen to Rush in the first place, but this apparently was enough to wake up the general public. Endorsing groups who murder black people in a foreign country is one thing; calling an American citizen a slut for no reason at all is, apparently, something else.

Here's Rush's non-apology, brought on by a wildfire of protest landing on the heads of his advertisers. But more important is the silence from the Republican leadership. Rush is nakedly partisan, openly Republican, and invited to speak all sorts of their political functions. Right now pretty much every woman in the country is mad at him. And yet the Republican s can't find time to say, "Ya, that guy's a jerk. We don't like him either."

Rock on, Republicans. We always expected you to wage war against liberals. When you took on scientists, too, we were surprised. Then you declared war against math itself, and anyone nervy enough to actually measure economics over the last 30 years. You declared war on immigrants, the fastest growing segment of our society. After that you declared war on the working class. And now you've declared war on women.

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