Thursday, May 16, 2013

Political Profiling

You know how certain people object to the objections to racial profiling? They point out that it only makes sense to look harder at certain groups, since terrorists and drug dealers are so often found in those certain groups.

Now those people have had a taste of their own medicine: the IRS, it seems, decided to focus its investigations in precisely those groups that displayed a certain profile heavily associated with tax-dodging.
But what about the specific targeting of Tea Party groups? Doesn't that show that this was all just a witch hunt against groups with right wing ideologies? Uh, no. It came up at exactly the time the office was getting flooded with a bunch of hastily prepared applications spewing from the Tea Party's messy birth. The edict went out expressly because the office was being flooded with a bunch of hastily prepared, clearly political, applications all using very similar terms.

The IRS scandal - all smoke, no fire

Apparently, fairness and civil liberties take a back seat to efficiency only when profiling minorities. When you're dealing with old white men, you have to be... color-blind.

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