Friday, May 3, 2013

If we don't educate our culture, we are in for cultural re-education

Here is  case of a teenager being charged with felonies as an adult for mixing draino and tinfoil. These felony charges will stick with her for the rest of her life, barring her from careers as varied as law enforcement and nursing and programming computers for Raytheon. Her entire future is now compromised because she did something that literally one million other kids have done this year alone.

Teenager charged for learning while black

I seriously hope that this just simple racism, because simple racism would be better than admitting that in America, scientific curiosity is a crime.

Now, combine it with this fact:
44% of Republicans say "an armed revolution might be necessary to protect our liberties"

And just to show that the insanity is not limited to the hoi polli:

Congressmen says Obama is buying up all the ammunition

That's congressmen, as in plural. As in Federal elected officials.

Those cultural re-education camps aren't looking so impossible now, are they?

These people have drunk so deeply of the absinthe of fear that they are ill. Mentally ill. They spread these rumors so thick and fast that they can no longer remember which rumors they started and their maelstrom of terrors now overwhelms them, leaving them trembling, huddled, and unmoored.

People need to start standing up. People need to start shouting down the clowns of hate, laughing and hooting at Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck,. People need to be making fun of the people who listen to them to their face.

Because if you are listening to these people, you are surrounding yourself in cloud of madness. And you are spreading that madness. You are part of the problem.

And the only possible solution is mockery.

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