Thursday, May 2, 2013

Education in America

Pol Pot infamously kick-started his cultural revolution by shooting everyone who could read. This is the ultimate reactionary fantasy, the desire to cut society back to the root and start over. It also represents the distrust and hatred the reactionary has for education (as opposed to indoctrination). The reactionary has always hated education, the midwife of reason; the reactionary has always understood that informed discourse is the surest guarantee of liberty.

To wit, I bring you this, extracted from a comment board:

My wife has certainly had enough. She's far more extroverted and conscious of social status than I, and though she's also the product of a Ph.D. program, she long ago stopped admitting it and by all measures is generally embarrassed to admit that she ever had anything to do with teaching, because she feels that it lowers others' opinions of her.

This is just one data point, of course; but it is raw data, straight from the street. And if you want more like it, I'm sure they're not hard to find.

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