Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The worst thing Rush Limbaugh has ever said

I know is this a week old, and I realize that Rush Limbaugh has said so many truly offensive things as to make picking a lifetime peak a rather chancy operation, but I cannot get over the sight of Rush embracing The Lord's Resistance Army apparently on the sole strength of it having the word "Lord" in it's name:

Rush Limbaugh defends the LRA

How it was possible for Rush to research this group enough to uncover their statement of principles, without apparently discovering that they are worse than Nazis, is beyond comprehension. Even a single-minded partisan hack high on pain-killers and seeking to tar Obama with any brush imaginable, could not possibly overlook the horrific facts.

It really defies belief; except in one context: clearly Rush has lost all respect for his audience, and is literally just phoning it in. He'll say anything that comes to mind; the filter between his brain and his mouth has been completely obliterated. How is it this blowhard has any credibility left, even with his own group? How many times can you overlook blatant, sloppy, absurd lying and still count him as a credible source?

Actually, I have that question about almost every pundit on the Right. It's not so much that I disagree with them, as that they disagree with the facts, repeatedly, with impunity. When Michael Moore started playing fast and loose with the facts, I stopped listening to him, and discounted everything I had heard from him. How has that not happened to Rush?

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