Sunday, October 2, 2011

From here, it looks like Cairo

Protestors in the streets day after day; their numbers growing; clashes with police; the high and mighty drinking champagne from balconies... Why does the news from America look like the news from Egypt?

The only thing missing is an ideology. Can you imagine if Communism actually worked? Just think what these protests would be like - just imagine the energy that would drive these revolutions if people thought there was an actual, functioning method to create social justice.

That's what it must have been like, back in the day. Now, people are occupying Wall Street for the sole goal of reducing the amount the banksters steal. They want to go back to the levels of theft found in the 80's. That's all.

Thin gruel to sustain a revolutionary movement. Wouldn't it be easier to convince your neighbors to stop voting for the political party that openly, nakedly preaches "I got mine, so screw you!". Apparently not.

Update: Here's a great article that lays it out in full: Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%. The top 1% now have 25% of the income, 40% of the wealth, and all of the growth of the last 10 years. As the article points out, this is poisonous even to the 1%. The idea that the top 1% somehow deserve their fantastic wealth because they produce more or are smarter than the rest of us should be clearly refuted by history: the most recent economic collapse was entirely the product of their genius. The recession was self-imposed, by the smartest financial minds we have.

Just one quote from that two-page article:

the chances of a poor citizen, or even a middle-class citizen, making it to the top in America are smaller than in many countries of Europe.

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