Saturday, October 1, 2011

More true faces

Charles Koch and Social Security

The summary: Friedrich Hayek is one of the prophets of Libertarianism, writing books on how social insurance (such as Social Security) is bad, wicked, and wrong.

Charles Koch is one of his adherents, a billionaire who funds the Tea Party and other right-wing attacks on Social Security.

In 1973, however, when Koch wanted Hayek to come teach at his think tank, Hayek declined. He had a preexisting medical condition, and thus could not get health insurance in America. Therefore, he preferred to stay in Austria, where the State provides free healthcare.

Koch convinced him to come to the USA anyway, by pointing out that Hayek could recieve Medicaid and Social Security (he even went so far as to send Hayek a SS brochure and encourage him to draw on it while living overseas).

So when a Libertarian tells you he's against government handouts, what he really means his he is against government handouts for you. Because every single Libertarian has his hand in the cookie jar up to the elbow. Even Ayn Rand, patron saint of self-centered narcissists, relied on Social Security in the end.

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