Thursday, August 12, 2010

The interwebs

Dad sent me an interesting link on the BBC. Apparently Oz is looking for Roo Poo harvesters. Right, because what I want to do with my life is shovel marsupial manure.

Actually, that does sound better than *some* jobs I've had.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I've already applied for ten jobs. Melbourne is a bigger city than Tucson, and of course a 5.5% unemployment rate can't help but help. I am pleasantly surprised at the wealth of jobs in my narrow specialty. Of course, I'm not sure I can live off of any of them: salaries in Oz seem to be the same as here, even though everything costs a lot more. We'll see, I guess, when somebody actually makes me an offer.

I can't imagine moving without the internet. I look for jobs, Sara looks at houses to rent, we both look at government regulations. I scroll through ex-pat forums looking for advice and examples. I just booked a mover; I had picked one earlier, but when I looked them up on-line they had an F from the BBB. So I went back to the 'net, found 3 more, and picked one with an A rating.

How did people do this before the internet?

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