Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The coolest thing I've seen today. Now I want to draw up stats for it.

Cat and mouse armor.

In fact, here are the stats:

Tournament Cat Half-plate (MW):
Size: Tiny
AC: +7
Max DEX: 1
Skill Penalty: (-6)
Weight: 12.5 lbs.
Cost: 300 gp

Now you're thinking, "12 lbs? That's as much as the cat weighs!" But consider, this is a MM cat. It has 1/2 D8 hit points, which is as much as an ordinary human being. You tell me that's a 12 lb cat! No, we're talking about a Maine Coon here.

The cat gives up 1 AC, due to the heavy armor, but still ends up with an AC of 20. I assume it loses its Bite attack, thanks to the closed helm, but it can still Jump with a skill of 4.

(Note I used Ye Olde Shoppe's formula, which ignores the double-price penalty for non-humanoid creatures - that was only there to punish people who tried to actually role-play knights - and scales the price according to the weight.)

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