Friday, August 27, 2010

Last job interview

For the second time this year, a recruiter pulled my resume off the web and called me up.

Both times, of course, it was for optics-related programming, which my resume is chock-full-of. The first job was with a small company doing medical instruments and sounded really great.

This time it was for a VP position in a small but rapidly expanding company.

I had to tell the recruiter, "It sounds fantastic, but you have the wrong accent."

Like all Americans, she was thrilled and envious that I was emigrating to Oz. Meanwhile I'm potentially giving up what could have been my dream job - running the software department for an instrument company.

Dang it, Sophie better like her cousins. A lot.

Where were these people six months ago? I only got all these job leads after we'd already decided to leave. I can't decide if is a sign that the economy is turning around, or just the usual face-full of irony the universe dishes out to me at every opportunity.

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