Monday, August 13, 2012

Snow White & the Hunstman

Just saw the movie. About halfway through I was a bit thrown out of the frame by seeing Al Sweargin, the filthy-mouthed ethically-challenged saloon owner from Deadwood, as a dwarf.

It was a little uneven, but overall I really enjoyed it. As a writer I am incredibly envious of the film-maker's ability to create visually stunning scenes, which SW&tH is full of (the White Hart transforming into a cloud of butterflies is my favorite).

But the movie only hinted at themes that a book would have been able to develop (or, to be honest, a better movie - the ending in particular showed a lack of imaginative use of the elements already developed). You can get deeper in a movie, but not if you have a sword fight; it's either Serious Drama or Action-Adventure. Any film that mixes genre too much risks confusing its audience. A book, on the other hand, is longer; people spend more than 90 minutes there, and that gives you time to show what's in your character's heads and why it matters.

So I came out of it inspired to write more fantasy. In my book (hehe) that qualifies it as a successful movie. I'm happy to have spent 56$ on it. Hmm... I wonder if I can write it off as an expense?

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