Saturday, August 11, 2012

The least defaming defamation imaginable

So apparently Harry Reid is a "dirty lair" and the most despicable person on Earth for starting nasty rumors.

Never mind that for years various Republican politicians have refused to condemn the attacks made by other Republican figures. People as famous as Donald Trump question whether Obama is even an American, and the best Romney can come up with is "I wouldn't have used those words." Never mind that Obama has been called a secret Muslim Marxist member of the Gay alliance, out to destroy America.

Just consider what Harry Reid is accusing Mitt of. He is accusing Mitt of following the law. Of doing something perfectly legal, something that is not only plausible but already documented. He is accusing Mitt of being a really sharp financial whiz who knew how to game the system to his best interests.

And yet everybody Left and Right seems to be hitting the fainting couches.

This is what it looks like when the bullied kid finally hits back. Recall my post on privilege, and you'll see that Republicans are operating from a mind-set of privilege. They simply can't believe the other side is allowed to fight back, let alone begin to approximate their own tactics. Which makes a lot of sense, as the entire Right Wing freakout about Obama basically boils down to a fear of loss of privilege.

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