Saturday, September 17, 2011

A year in Oz

Well, I survived my first year in Oz. To celebrate I had a Whopper at Hungry Jack's, which is what they call Burger King out here. It was just as lousy as the real American deal.

So what penetrating insight do I have on this august occasion? Well, two of them:

1) There's a lot more movies shown on TV. Late at night, several stations broadcast full-length movies. We've got District 9, Pitch Black, and Star Trek on the DVR now. Also, I've watched sub-titled French and Spanish flicks.

2) They show full frontal nudity on broadcast TV here. After 9:00 PM, it's presumed adults are watching, and are therefore capable of not only seeing graphic senseless violence (just like in America) but the occasional thematically appropriate nudity.


  1. Re. movies, they also leave the four-letter words in, even the really bad one.

    Happy arrival-in-Australia anniversary!


  2. Oh, **** ya, I **** totally **** forgot **** that **** word. :D