Saturday, September 17, 2011

Everything you need to know about Republicans in two links

While Republicans say this:
“Job creators in America are essentially on strike,” Mr. Boehner said, according to excerpts released by the Speaker’s office. “The problem is not confusion about the policies. The problem is the policies.”
Job creators are on strike.

Wall Street economists say this:
Michael Cembalest, the chief investment officer of JPMorgan Chase, wrote in July of this year (in a clients-only newsletter obtained by Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson) that “profit margins have reached levels not seen in decades,” and “reductions in wages and benefits explain the majority of the net improvement.” “US labor compensation,” he explained, “is now at a 50-year low relative to both company sales and US GDP.”

Wall Street discovers income inequality.

To be fair to the job creators, they're not hiring because there's no demand. To be fair to the truth, there's no demand because the laissez-faire policies of Reaganomis have killed the economy.

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