Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Home again

Our flight home wasn't too bad. Unlike the flight over, the plane was full, but also unlike the flight over, the baby slept. Once again she was a model of cuteness and got compliments after the flight for good behavior, despite the first two hours when putting her in the bassinet generated a full meltdown.

We got the short line for Security and breezed through Customs, thanks to the baby. So that kind of makes up for having to watch her climb the stairs to First Class for two hours every flight.

The trip was great for the baby. She discovered pianos, the ocean, pliable cats, and had lots of little girls and new toys to play with. She also developed a taste for graham crackers that will now forever go unfulfilled.

The trip was great was for us, too. We got to see a lot of people (though sadly not everyone!). I was in the States just long enough to start feeling like an American again. Then when our plane landed in Melbourne, every man in the compartment got up, logged into their smart phones, and started discussing the latest footy results.

Home again.

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