Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Politics and atheists

Jerry Coyne points out the difference between there and here. Here, we have an atheist for a Prime Minister. There, being an atheist is the worst political crime you can commit, half again as bad as adultery, twice as bad as being Mormon or smoking dope.

Politics and atheists

There's some good news in the poll. Being black is a negative 3%, which is essentially in the noise level. I'm sure if the poll had included the question "Being human," at least 2% would have rated that as a negative. Being female is twice as bad, but 7% is still out in the crazy fringe and not to be taken seriously.

A surprising 14% realized that business executives make terrible politicians, which is good, although a full third of the nation thinks that running a for-profit venture qualifies a man to run a government.  It's true that the government is like a business owned by the taxpayers, but the goal of a CEO is to screw his customers over without them realizing it. And the taxpayers are the customers, too.

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