Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How has religion harmed you?

To all the people who have asked me this self-centered absurdity of a question,  and to all those in the future who will undoubtedly attempt to defend religious belief with this vapidity, I respond with this:
''The brothers and sisters were all together,'' he says. ''And then they started grabbing the girls away from their brothers. I can still hear the screams of these kids being separated. Some of them never saw their sisters again. I still have nightmares.''
 I can still hear the kids scream
Understand that this was not Nazi Germany. This was Australia, in 1946, in a Catholic orphanage. And the above paragraph is the gentlest part of the story.

Your religion may not have directly harmed me; your personal beliefs may not have contributed to the evil in the world. But religion has definitely caused harm, with such frequency and magnitude that the burden of proof lies on the practitioner. Don't ask me how faith has harmed me; show me how your faith has not.

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