Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Why Politico is the worst: Reason #395

 Today Politico says:

Senior U.S. lawmakers are stressing out about mounting government debt as they resist President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion plan to boost the economy

How is this not journalistic malpractice? How is this not pure propaganda? The only people freaking out about the debt are Republicans.

Politico deliberately and intentionally smeared all lawmakers with the fringe beliefs of Republicans so as to normalize those beliefs (the rest of the article is about how economic experts including debt investors themselves also support Joe Biden's plan).

This is how fascism wins: one lie at a time.


  1. Hard to follow politics these days. Fox news published a hit piece on Kamala for saying "have a nice long weekend." They faulted her for not mentioning memorial day and the veterans. What kills me is that what actually matters...the meat so to speak, is the actually legislation and voting that takes place to give veterans more rights, but less educated people just like meme warfare and equate meme warfare with actual substance. I think people don't take the time to follow actual legislation, they just look at the quick and easy to understand hit pieces and count it as "support."

    1. The Republican party is done with democracy, because it doesn't deliver white male privilege anymore. That is all you need to know; literally everything else they say is just a distraction.

      The electorate largely understands this. So it's completely pointless to pay any attention to the "details;" those are literally just for show. We either defeat the fascists at the ballot box or democracy fails. That's all there is left.