Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If we are going to have a debt ceiling and default crisis — with all of the havoc it may well entail — it may well be because Republican voters want such a crisis, even if it causes serious economic harm.

Among Republicans who believe not raising it would cause serious economic harm, a majority say don’t raise it by 53-32.

Washintong Post/ABC News poll
Reasons why this could be true, in order of rationality, starting with the plausible and ending with the completely insane:

1) The respondents don't think the harm will fall on them.

2) They think it will fall disproportionately on the people they don't like - aka poor, non-white, and female.

3) They think the damage will be blamed on Obama and thus win them the next presidential election.

4) They think the government will collapse and they can start over, like it's 1776 again.

5) They think the governments of the whole world will collapse and they can live out their "The Walking Dead" fantasy.

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