Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Xmas!

I hope you all had a good Xmas. I got the three things I wanted most: a flyswatter, Lord of the Rings on BluRay, and best of all, a 3 day writing vacation. That is, the baby goes to Grandma's during the day while Sara and I write.

This morning we got off to a slow start as I had to first buy a new keyboard. My old one finally succumbed to an iced tea incident which was, surprisingly, not precipitated by the baby.

I wrote almost 3,000 words today of a new work, tentatively entitled Sirius. With two more days I should get a good solid beginning, which is always the hard part for me. After that it should progress pretty easily. It will be a short book so I hope to have it finished in a few months.


  1. And here we are two days later... You've spewed forth three first draft chapters that make me want to weep and give up because of their polished brilliance.

    Next year, please bottle a tiny piece of your genius and put it in my xmas stocking. With a ribbon wrapped around.

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  3. I don't know that I can compete with Sara's comment. However, I do understand how you can sit in front of a computer and write all day...instead of changing 5 lines of code all day.

  4. 5 lines is a good day!

    Except when I rewrite an entire module because the previous incarnation was ridiculous.