Friday, July 8, 2011

Evidence of strategy

Over at DKOS there is a diary about Obama's response to a fairly typical Progressive whine-fest. The diarist had written a litany of complaints via email (to be fair, all of his complaints are valid), and Obama sent back this hand-written response:

I read your letter, and regret your disappointment. Perhaps from your vantage point it looks like I’ve betrayed working people. From my vantage point, we’ve rescued the country from a Great Depression, saved the auto industry, passed health care reform, strengthened financial oversight, ended the war in Iraq, ended Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, reversed eight years of anti-labor and anti-environmental regulation, expanded student aid to millions of young people, made the largest investment in clean energy in our history, and started enforcing our civil rights laws again. And this all in the face of an intransigent opposition.

Have we gotten everything we want? No. But that’s not how a democracy works. So rather than give up hope, I’d suggest you stay involved and keep working with like minded folks to bring about a fairer, more prosperous America.
The POTUS replies

Now consider that final paragraph in light of my previous comment about tactics. Doesn't that sound exactly like a leader saying, "Stand your ground! We've won plenty of battles, we'll win this one, even though we had to give a little ground first."

It also sounds like a man really, really tired of having to remind people that he's actually accomplished things. Seriously, this whole Progressive meme of writing him off as a failure feels like a Republican talking point. Why are Progressives voluntarily repeating Republican talking points? Well, because many Progressives are indistinguishable from Tea Partiers, aside from the trivial difference of a few policy details.

Anybody who expects the President to drag the country to where they want it to be is an Authortarian; whether they are Left or Right hardly matters.

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