Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SotBL Down Under

Some places to buy my book in Australia (sadly, all on-line):
$20? Not bad for Australia.

Look at that RRP: $34.99.  And that's in Aussie dollars, not that worthless green paper. But it's discounted to $22, which is reasonable.

Ebook only, but hey - free delivery!.

OK, even I wouldn't pay $35 for this book, and I think it's the best book of the year. I can say that because GRRM hasn't released a GoT book this year. But then, I guess you can say that about almost any year.

 $40? -choke-

This is the best price, only $17.69, but they order it from America, so it takes a couple of weeks. So better order two, for when your partner swipes your copy!

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