Monday, September 8, 2014

SFCrow's Nest reviews SotBL

Kelly over at SFCrow's Nest noticed:
By about half-way through the book, I had decided that M.C. Planck had found a way to truly fictionalise a table-top gaming experience. Bodies are looted and experience and goods apportioned according to who struck the killing blow and rank, of course.  

This is referring to one of my little jokes in the book. It's a scene that mirrors what every single group of RPG players do: as soon as they kill the bad guy, they stop and argue about how to divide up the loot, with the noblest Paladins kneeling in the mud right next to the knaviest Rogues dicing for the magic boots or whatever.

In my defense Homer started it. There's a scene in the Illiad where some warriors stop fighting to strip the armor off the guy they just killed in the middle of an active battlefield, and consequently get ganked while their guard is down.

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