Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seriously thinking about moving to Canada

Another big spike in Canadian Kindle sales. Possible reasons why:

1) The accounting system is completely borked.

2) Amazon.ca is reporting in Canadian numbers, which everyone knows are only worth a fraction of American numbers.

3) Too much maple syrup on keyboards, so people keep ordering 10 copies when they meant to order 1.

4) Noted Canadian fantasy author Dave Duncan is totally leading a fifth column effort for me. (Thanks, Dave!)

5) Once you make it to the top of the Magic & Wizards list, you stay there, because people just order off the top of that list. I mean, who wouldn't?

Sadly, I imagine it's #5, which means the only reason my book isn't a blockbuster yet in the USA is because it isn't already a blockbuster.


  1. Actually, since the US broke the system, the candian dollar and the USD are pretty equivalent. 1USD is 1.09 Canadian