Saturday, November 20, 2010

I prefer bugs

This is what I found on my computer this morning.

Had to call in the expert in-laws to deal with the monster. They swear it's not poisonous, just hideous. Apparently people often adopt spiders as house-pets, making a virtue of their constant presence (because repeatedly throwing them outside is too much work, and squashing them is too messy).


  1. I just found a reason not to move to Australia!!

  2. Ha. It gets better - my 11 year old nephew showed me a snake in their back yard and swore it was poisonous. I thought he was putting me on, but his dad confirmed that it was one the most dangerous snakes in Australia.

    And of course, like rattlesnakes, it's a protected species so it is illegal to kill them.

    But they live in the country, so I'm safe. Right? Right?