Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The perfect job

I interviewed for the perfect job. A small, young, high-tech company, right in my field. I got along great with the two guys I talked to - you know it's a good interview when you can work Godel's theorem into a discussion on software.

Unfortunately, I was their second choice. (What, did the other guy manage to slip in a reference to the Poincare Conjecture?) And as we all know, second place counts for squat.

I was pretty bummed about it, which accounts for the silence of the blog.

But tomorrow I have another interview, with an actual company instead of a recruiter. It's a good solid company, a little larger and more established. I expect the interview to go well. The job is it's right up my alley, and the company is just down the street, so that would work out great.

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