Friday, October 8, 2010

Job search

So far I've only had interviews with recruiters. Australia seems to be entranced by head-hunters; 90% of the jobs advertised are handled through recruitment firms. And they all want you to take standardized tests to prove your skills. It feels like the 80's! (Wait, did I already say that?)

The one interview I had lined up didn't pan out; I never got to speak to the company. The recruiter warned me that we were a little late to the table. Also, they went with a guy who had worked with them before, which is hard to beat.

I had another interview the same day with a different recruiter, who told me his contact was out for a week, so I should be patient. Then, next week I had an interview with a recruiter for a contract job - not really what I want, but the work sounded interesting and the money was good.

Finally, today I scheduled an interview with an actual company (not through a recruiter). So that's 4 interviews in 4 weeks. I think that's good.

On the other hand every week I see at least one job opening that's perfect for me. So it's just a matter of time. Sara and I are going to start looking at rentals this weekend. But we'll stay with the in-laws until my ship comes in. Meaning the ship with all my crap on it, not my allegorical fortune.


  1. Good Luck, and hopefully Kristin sells your novel soon!

  2. Just submitted the fantasy novel to her today. It's quite different so I don't know what she'll think. So I'm on tenter-hooks all around now. :D