Saturday, September 1, 2012

The horses won't shut up

More Republican-bashing, from Republicans:

Today’s Republicans strongly believe that individuals determine their own fates. In a Pew Research Center poll, for example, 57 percent of Republicans believe people are poor because they don’t work hard...

The fact is our destinies are shaped by social forces much more than the current G.O.P. is willing to admit. The skills that enable people to flourish are not innate but constructed by circumstances.

David Brooks

Is it fair to call it bashing when it's just the simple truth?

I would be remiss if I didn't link to this:

Paul Ryan's speech in 3 words- dazzling, deceiving, and distracting

Bobo is a well-known shill for the Republicans, so his criticism carries a sting; I don't know Sally Kohn, but her criticism appears on Fox News website, so I think that counts as a Republican source.

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