Saturday, September 22, 2012

Peggy Noonan accidentally mentions the truth

While bitterly complaining about Romney's mismanaged campaign, Peggy Noonan remarks:
A campaign is a communal exercise. It isn't about individual entrepreneurs. It's people pitching in together, aiming their high talents at one single objective: victory.
And so is a country, Ms. Noonan, except the goal is survival, which is somewhat more important than victory.

Amazing, isn't it, that Republican philosophy asserts that all economic progress comes from the genius of Promethean job-creators, that without the direct oversight of these individual, singular heroes we would all starve like lemmings... but the trivial act of winning a dog-and-pony show apparently requires communism.

Nothing like watching a Reagan speech-writer throw the entire Republican philosophy under a bus just so they can win an election. Tells you what they really think is important, doesn't it?

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