Sunday, March 13, 2011

A hostage situation

I have Civ 5, sitting right here on my desk. Unopened.

Why is it unopened? Why am I not enjoying the bountiful delights contained within? The answer is because of two women.

One, my agent, has requested a rewrite of SotBL's opening. I can't argue with that, because it's always been the weakest link. And the opening is the wrong link to be weak.

The other is my wife. She has decreed that I can't have Civ 5 until said rewrites are complete. I can't argue with that, either, because Civ 4 is like a drug that sends me into a 4 hour coma. Who knows what this advanced technology will do?

Anyway, I'm hard at work on those rewrites, pausing only to answer the call of nature, or to deal with the baby, or to make blog posts complaining about my misery. So it's working. Just think of how much writing I could get done if Sid Meier released a new game every month!

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