Friday, March 11, 2011

Car Talk

Filled up the car today. $100 - a quarter of that for LPG and the rest for petrol. And that's real, Australian money.

I remember the first time I saw somebody spend $50 to fill their tank in America (only a few years ago). That stranger and I shared an intimate moment, commiserating over the sad state of affairs that the world had come to. And now I spend half again as much and it's just business as usual.

This would be a good time to import a Chevy Volt... if they were actually for sale.


  1. I love my little car, i don't pay over $30 to fill up. Of course since i drive 150 miles a day i still use a lot, but 39mpg is pretty nice. I almost feel bad for all the people here in Tx with their big trucks and suv's.

    For any metric users its 240km a day and 14 L/km.

  2. That is how they measure it here: liters per 100 km. Another number (like temperature) that means nothing to me.

    40 mpg is awesome. Send me one. :D