Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When ceilings attack

This is what appeared over Sophie's playpen.

(for pics of the damage see Sara's blog)

Fortunately I had picked her up five minutes earlier because she was complaining. Lest you think she was prescient, she is always complaining if no one is picking her up.

This is what comes of living in an environment where water falls out of the sky. Things get water-logged and fall apart. I can't understand why the Socialist Paradise government here doesn't do something about the miserable climate.


  1. I heard a rumour that there was SNOW in ARIZONA this past week or the week before. Is that an anomaly? As far as I know, not even water falls from the sky in AZ ;-)

  2. Snow is very rare in the desert (it happens in the northern, mountainous part all the time), and half the the time it melts as soon as it hits the ground. I've seen snow there maybe 3-4 times?

    However, one year it snowed on Christmas morning, a solid inch of pure white snow. All the dogs were freaked out, and the gangsters were building snowmen on their low-riders.