Monday, March 7, 2016

The Full Australian

I took the pledge and became an Australian citizen tonight. Now I have to accept that meat pies are an actual food item.


  1. Are they though? Was that written in as a requirement for citizenship?

  2. Australia is a very informal country. They don't write things down. For instance, when I first got here, they played their version of the Superbowl, and it ended in a tie. They didn't anything written down on how to break ties... so they just played the entire game again the next weekend. :D

  3. My condolences on having a monarch.

  4. We even take the Queen's birthday off - even though it's not a holiday in Britain!

    Fun fact - the newspapers here call her "the Queen of Australia," without mentioning her other, less important holdings.

    A few years back they almost broke off and became a Republic, but at the last minute no one wanted to pay for new letterhead for the government offices.