Saturday, June 27, 2015

SCOTUS lets its shamrock flag fly

Very happy to see the twin SCOTUS decisions. On healthcare, not because I wanted to see Obamacare survive (it would have been a glorious disaster for the Republicans if it had been struck down, and it wouldn't have hurt me personally) but because it was such the obvious logical result that any other outcome would have damaged the rule of law. As it is those three should be impeached for failing to respect precedent and basic legal theory.

On the other hand it's nice to know that the Catholic half of the court is apparently Irish, since they've followed Ireland's lead and made love and devotion legal for everyone.

Cheers and celebrations. Yay. Now let's end the war on drugs. Then raise taxes, raise the minimum wage, make voting mandatory, restore abortion rights, demilitarize and camera the police, get background checks for guns, and reduce carbon pollution. There ya go - the Progressive Agenda in a nutshell (do note that restricting freedom, creating dependency, or stealing all our golfs is not on the list. Sorry - maybe next election cycle). And, except for the last one, pretty much the Australian Agenda too. Though credit where credit is due; I've been telling everyone that the USA would get gay marriage before we did. Two more years for us.

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