Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sword of the Bright Lady

The amazing Lou Anderson over at Pyr has bought Sword of the Bright Lady, intent on inflicting it on an innocent and unsuspecting world sometime in October 2014.

I am very happy about this development, as you can imagine. SotBL was my first full-length novel, written in a feverish three months almost ten years ago. Since then it's undergone a lot of editing, almost all of which was fixing the the first half wherein I committed every sin expected of a beginning fantasy author. Now the first half is about a quarter of what it was, and the sinning has been reduced to a tolerable din.

Pyr is the SF&F arm of Prometheus, one of my favorite publishers. Lou Anders is a Hugo-award winning editor. This book could not have landed in better hands.

Micheal Planck’s debut flintlock fantasy SWORD OF THE BRIGHT LADY, an unassuming forty-year old mechanical engineer becomes a pawn in a cosmic game when he stumbles into a world where he must pit wit and rudimentary firearms against magic and monsters to open a pathway home to his wife, to Lou Anders at Pyr, an imprint of Prometheus Books, in a nice deal, by Kristin Nelson at Nelson Literary Agency (World English).


  1. Ya that's pretty much my reaction too.

    At this rate, I might actually have to write the 3rd one! :D

  2. Hell yes!! I bought Kassa Gambit, and I will DEFINITELY buy SotBL!!!!

  3. Woot! That's one! :D

    Good to hear from you, J. Mmmm... now I am thinking enchiladas...

  4. I though you told your legion of adoring nephew fans that if you could sell the first one you would finish the third

  5. I'm pretty sure I said I'd write the third one when I got paid for it, b****s.