Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Age of Censorship

The other day we were watching "Oblivion," which is a decent SF flick with only a few glaring plot holes (mostly related to the passage of time), even if we did spend the entire film shouting out what other movie any given scene was stolen from. When it got to the part where Tom Cruise beats up Tom Cruise (how could you not like such a scene? Either way, Tom Cruise takes a beating!), which was a pretty clean and well-scripted fight scene, Sophie leapt up, tears streaming down her face, and shouted,


Well, fair enough. She doesn't like violence; that's a good trait in a 3-year old.

But the next day we tried to watch Dr. Who - nope, the killer Santa robots were a bit too much. OK, then.

Last night we were watching "Ruby Sparks," a completely innocuous (and calorie-free) rom-com about a spoiled rich talented writer and his spoiled rich talented problems, and at one point a woman throws a glass of water in a man's face.

Cue the Sophie Alarm.

I have no idea how we're going to finish watching "The Walking Dead..."


  1. It's always been a pain in the arse watching movies with you, so who says there's not a god and this is just redemption, lol.


  2. Nap time is how to watch "The Walking Dead" - you don't really think kids get naps because the kids are tired - do you? LOL

  3. Arwen couldn't watch Dr Who with me after seeing the "prisoner zero" episode a few years back. So I waited a few months and then started her on the original 1965 season. We've been making our way back to modern days. I figure that by the time she's ready for prisoner zero, she'll be old enough to handle it.

  4. haha! We just watched "Invasion Earth 2150 AD," the 1966 movie about the Dalek invasion. There was exactly two times the Dr. was the Dr.: when he said, "I expected that," and when he tried to tell the Daleks how to not kill themselves (they didn't believe him).

    I'm not sure I could watch that kind of stuff on a regular basis, though. Maybe if we start with Tom Baker; I remember liking him. And they are quite tame, relatively speaking.

    Great to hear from you - email me and catch up!