Monday, July 8, 2013

Not Entirely Clear On The Point

This is a typical exchange:

The fixation with the Crusades and Inquisition are precisely because they were human phenomena: despite all the outward signs of piety, where was God in all of that?

We point to the vast canvas of human misery and say, "Where is God?" You point to a saint or stray miracle or personal experience and say, "There is God." That you cannot understand why your answer is insufficient to us is the entire point.

(Hint: look up the definition of "self-centered.")

Not Entirely Clear On The Point:
The Christian answer to the question "Where is God?" is "On the Cross."

Well he's not doing anybody any good there!

Tell him to get down and start helping.

Not Entirely Clear On The Point:
Speak for yourself. I have observed a lot of good effects myself.
Apparently, instructions to look up the definitions of words are not widely heeded on the interwebs. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Somehoe, in sad sort of way, I found that exchange humorous.

MCPlanck said...

The last thing the fish discovers is water. When you're swimming in privilege, it's hard to notice how privileged you are.

Amy said...

"The Last thing the fish discovers is water"

I now need a full comic with that as the premise.

MCPlanck said...

It would make a good premise - almost like "Solaris," where you realize at the end that you can't tell when the fantasy began.