Friday, December 28, 2012

Theology in action

The dentist who fired his assistant for being "too sexy" (after 10 years of working together!) didn't do it in a vacuum. He consulted his wife (or rather, was driven to it by his wife), and he got a second opinion:

The Knights consulted with their pastor, who agreed that terminating Nelson was appropriate.

Thanks, nameless pastor, for making it perfectly clear that the sanctity of the marriage bed trumps any concerns about fairness, and reminding us that if a man can't control his physical desires, it must be a woman's fault.

It's not enough that this guy was legally supported in this act (which, arguably is an unhappy but necessary result); no, he also got moral support. And not from the Playboy club or the Elks Lodge or some bastion of patriarchal oppression, but from... oh. Never mind.


  1. This bothers you? It seems to me that the dentist has a right to employ anyone he wants within the scope of the law. There are a few protected classes of people but as all his other employees are women he cannot be accused of being a sexist. It just turns out that this is the only one he really wants to shag and that makes his home life suck. If someone at my work was ruining my home life, I'd fire them too. It's not like he can leave, he is the business.

  2. It bothers me that his pastor told him, "go for it, dude."

    Not, "Hmm. How about you talk to her and tell what the deal is? Then give her a great reference and help her find a new job. And just deal with it for however many months it takes for her to transition her career."

    Nope, what the pastor said was, "Ya, give her 2 weeks pay and throw her out on her ass. Who cares if she has a mortgage to meet? Who cares if she can get another job? It's not your problem, dude."

    That's what I have a problem with.