Friday, May 11, 2012

Patriotism on display

Michelle Bachmann just became a Swiss Citizen.

Seriously. After all that kvetching and conspiracy talk about whether or not Obama is a citizen, and now Michelle Bachmann chooses to become a citizen of another country. One where they don't even speak English. The Queen of the Tea Party now has a passport to a socialist nation with socialist health care. While still serving as a member of the US government.

How can any Republican look this shit in the face and still have the gall to breathe? I honestly don't know.

I am not speaking metaphorically here. I honestly do not know how any Republican failes to see the swindle going on.

EDIT: Apparently, she has surrendered her Swiss citizenship, after a firestorm of criticism. Leaving aside how the Swiss must feel about this, one has to wonder about her judgement. Did she not realize becoming a citizen of another country while serving in the government of ours might be a tad controversial? Should she be running a country with this kind of judgement?

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