Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The unbearable incoherency of being Republican

Over at Investor's Business Daily, there's an editorial that can only be described as deranged:

Is Obama 'Dangerously Close To Totalitarianism'?

But even better are the comments, the best of which is this one:

Michael Totten · Top Commenter · Proprietor at RED DOG ARMS
read this now and act...or read the headlines when the Congress and the Supreme Court are dissolved! I do believe we need a small committee running the country for two years...two years during which a true citizen government would be formed...as in 1789.....then regular pres. elections would be held with single term limits and congress would be elected by their peers for one year terms....
Mikey is so afraid that Obama will dissolve the institutions of government and throw away the Constitution that he wants to... dissolve the institutions of government and throw away the Constitution. 

Perhaps he'll name his "small committee" something like the Central Committee. Or perhaps Reich Committee would roll off the tongue a little easier.

This is open sedition. Fair enough; Mikey is free to argue for the elimination of democracy and his right to argue. Certainly the hippies and the Wobblies wanted to undo the foundation of the State. But even in their most drug-addled state, the hippies understood that they were preaching revolution; that they sought to undo the social contract. They were not patriots; they did not preach "my country right or wrong."

But Mikey probably has a hat with that blazoned on it. One can just hear him explaining, "it was necessary to destroy the Constitution in order to save it."

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