Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I have to stop telling people I came from this State

Iraq war veteran killed by Arizona SWAT team

Just so you know, Clarence Dupnik is the good sheriff. The evil sheriff is Joe Arpaio. So this is the work of the best law enforcement agency in Arizona.

I cannot even imagine what kept the paramedics out of the house for so long. (Edit: Probably it was because they knew he was dead before the medics got there - he was hit 20 times). Perhaps the police recognized the house was dangerous due to the huge number of heavily armed idiots surrounding it. 71 rounds fired? How was that ever necessary? Did these guys think they were in John Woo movie? (Edit: It couldn't have been a Woo movie because he didn't fire a round - he didn't even get his safety off.)

I googled "home invasion australia" and found this as the first relevant hit:

Knife and fork used in violent home invasion

Of course, the invaders in this case weren't the police, so they can't be expected to have the same level of firepower.

If the thought of being murdered in front of your wife and child by people who will never face a day in court for their actions doesn't make you want to move to a civilized country, well, that's good, because you can't. I'm already in the last country that will take Americans, and I'm telling them not to let any more of you psychotic goons in.

I bet you dollars to doughnuts Dupnik won't even lose his job over this. In case you're wondering how an elected official can keep his job after presiding over the murder of a war hero in his own home for no good reason, including denying him medical care until he bled out in front of his wife and son, well, the answer is simple. Look at the last name again. There you go.

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