Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I got the TV up and running. The converter box seems to work, aside from having to be told to go to HDMI every time it's turned on. We watched a video, but haven't tried a BluRay yet.

We need to sign up for cable TV now. Originally we thought we could make do with broadcast, but I've now realized I have no way to run broadcast sound through my amplifier to my surround sound system.

I put in a CD - "Dreamboat Annie" - and the PS3 went on-line just so it could tell me the names of all the tracks. Kind of helpful, actually. I had forgotten how many tracks suck on this album. I only bought it for "Crazy on you," anyway.

Next step is to fire up Guitar Hero!


  1. Well, it's 10 days later and our landlord replaced the black and white(!!!!) antenna on the roof. A few more cables and little black boxes (including Play TV, our cheap DVR solution) and now the TV works and Guitar Hero works, and you're a genius! (Again!)

  2. The important part is that Guitar Hero works. :D